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My parents are very open about everything. I also have a gay couple in San Diego who are like my gay uncles, and I've known them since I was about 5 years old. Knowing that my parents already had gay friends and that they were always OK with that helped a lot, too. So when I told them there was no big shock. They pretty knew it was coming.
I did an interview with an Arizona gay magazine because I thought that if I had read something about another athlete -- or not an athlete in general, but a younger gay man --that would have helped me to just be a little more accepting of myself. I wouldn't have had to worry about things so much. I was glad I did it, because I felt like I needed to do something for me.
When I'm out on the ice, it's the freest I've ever been. I feel totally comfortable on the ice.中略。Even with millions of people watching, I'm more comfortable there than I am walking down the street. [Laughs]
I don't think it's publicized because I don't think it's that important. Which is understandable, since it doesn't matter if you're gay or straight to be a figure skater.
But I don't know why there aren't more out skaters. Most of them are out to the community, so I think it's more of a privacy issue.
since the skating world is 50/50 gay to straight. All the straight guys are so accepting already and everyone already knows who's gay and who's straight and everybody is so accepting of everybody.
Gay Friendlyな職場(笑)なのね。
I tell my students, "You've got to figure out what your goal is and set your goal every year."
The best line I ever heard was something my dad said: "Skating is a marathon and not a sprint."
I teach some skaters that are gay, and they come to me for advice on things in their lives. I always tell them to be honest to themselves and do what they feel in their heart. My students are very honest with me, so I return the favor.
My gay uncles in San Diego have been together for over 30 years, and that's something I definitely want. But finding that one person is extremely difficult.
そうだね。Gay/Straightに関わらず、みんな、そのOne personを探してるよね。
At times I do regret doing the whole Olympic thing, because people do get a little strange regarding that. But at the same time I would never go back and change that, because it's given me so much. I've just had to become a little bit smarter about what's going on around me; I've become very aware of that.


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1. Posted by ペロ   2008年07月17日 18:56
まさに"Breaking the ice"だ。

> I also have a gay couple in San Diego who are like my gay uncles, and I've known them since I was about 5 years old.
> [Laughs] No, we're not! [Figure skating] has that look on the outside, and it's a great sport to be involved with, but when you reach that top level, there is so much that goes on.
2. Posted by ペロ   2008年07月17日 18:58
> Within the skating community, it's very public knowledge of who's gay and who's not; it's pretty small. I don't think it's publicized because I don't think it's that important.(中略)Most of them are out to the community, so I think it's more of a privacy issue.
> That's hard for me to answer, since the skating world is 50/50 gay to straight.
3. Posted by ペロ   2008年07月17日 18:59
> All the straight guys are so accepting already and everyone already knows who's gay and who's straight and everybody is so accepting of everybody.
> The best line I ever heard was something my dad said: "Skating is a marathon and not a sprint."
> I teach some skaters that are gay, and they come to me for advice on things in their lives.
4. Posted by ペロ   2008年07月17日 18:59
> I'm also doing interior design. I've had a couple of houses published in some magazines, and that's kind of my new goal, to become one of those top designers.
> そうだね。Gay/Straightに関わらず、みんな、そのOne personを探してるよね。
> インタビューを読んで、オメラ君って、大人でしっかり者だなぁと思いました。
> 見かけで気が弱いのかと思ってた。
5. Posted by ライカ   2008年07月17日 23:41
>> そうだね。Gay/Straightに関わらず、みんな、そのOne personを探してるよね。
ごめん、書き方が悪かった。ゲイ=Slutっていうステレオタイプが根強いから、そうじゃなくて、ゲイもStraightの人と同じで、one personを探している人もいるという意味で書いた。因みに、私の知り合いのレズビアンのカップルも20年以上一緒です。
6. Posted by ライカ   2008年07月17日 23:57
このインタビュー読んで、その噂の元が判ったような気がす。(笑)He is too driven for Jaimieって。Jaimie must have drove hime crazyだったのでは?
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