Tokyo sightseeing

Then we asked suggestions to our followers & they gave us nice ideas.


You can see nice view of "SKYTREE" from Nakamise street. < Asakusa (^O^)


Is this the Alex's first visit to Tokyo? Asakusa is a certainly smart choice. Since a SKYTREE is also close, it may be crowded, but it may become a material of the talk. Renovated Tokyo station building and the immediately near Imperial Palace are also recommended. If there are any Hatobus tour for foreigners, it would be efficient.

These are Hatobus foreign language tour.


You should eat Echizen crab in this time of the year at Fukui.(^-^)


This sky-bus -- it seems it is fun.
(Present time ginkgo tree roadside-trees course is also good.) A water-bus and a houseboat tour are also pleasant in addition to bus tour. I also recommend "Daikanyama T-site". It is amazing anyway. IVY PLACE(cafe) in a site is also great. "Daikanyama T-site" is not only impressive space or providing services, but also it is the epicenter of Tokyo culture.

Ha ha...this is my personal account. :p(Rei)

I reread an e-mail that I received from Drew Meekins after his first visit to Japan. According to this e-mail, he enjoyed shopping in Harajuku and in Ginza. He also enjoyed seeing many temples and the Imperial Palace. Good choices. ;)

BTW, if you have a day off, you can visit Kyoto from Fukui by limited express "Thunderbird". You'll see a lot of old Japanese culture there.

Useful sites

If you like shopping or are interested in high-tech gadgets I bet you'll never get bored in Japan. Because you can find UNIQLO and high-tech toilets everywhere. :-P (BTW, UNIQLO just opened a store in SF. )

Anyways, have safe travels and have fun! Hope you will have quality time training there.

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